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  • Dear Governor Northam, We are writing you today to ask you to look into the case of Trudy Munoz and, if you see fit, consider a pardon. As you may well be aware, Ms.Munoz was convicted of child abuse or neglect and willful or negligent cruelty or injury to a child in her care due to “shaken baby syndrome,” a largely discredited medical explanation for infant deaths that has lead to numerous wrongful convictions across the country.    On April … read more

  • The 2020 Census is probably not anybody’s idea of a sexy topic. But ensuring an accurate 2020 Census count is vital to both getting the number of congressional seats a state deserves and to the day to day effective functioning of government.

    As we currently sit, the upcoming 2020 Census is going to be a disaster.

  • The Women’s March in Washington and around the country on January 21, 2017, became the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. Those of us who marched that day can clearly recall the feelings of unity, drive and purpose. We came in buses, fresh off of planes, on foot, by car and by Metro. We waited in hours long traffic, some never even making it into the city, but we didn’t care.

  • In 2018, what does it mean to translate Arlington’s history, our community’s values, and even our foundational texts – planning documents, rather than literary – for our modern times?

  • Although Virginia’s gubernatorial race was filled with contentious disagreement, there were a few subjects where the candidates saw eye-to-eye.

    One such subject was Virginia’s felony larceny threshold. Both Governor-Elect Ralph Northam and Republican gubernatorial nominee Ed Gillespie agreed: Virginia’s current threshold of $200 is far too low, counter to a productive society and effective criminal justice system, and morally repugnant.