Arlington Young Democrats 2018 Policy Platform

Arts, Culture and Entertainment
  • AYD believes in the important of the arts, culture and humanities in the lives of all Arlington County residents.
  • AYD supports funding for the arts at the federal, state and local level including the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Virginia Commission for the Arts, Arlington Commission for the Arts, Arlington Independent Media and other agencies and organizations.
  • AYD coordinates cultural experiences for AYD membership including collaborating with other AYD caucuses to demonstrate intersectionality of issues.  
  • AYD encourages and empowers underrepresented voices and stories.
Civil Rights
  • AYD believes in voter access and fair elections through automatic voter registration, early voting and non-partisan redistricting measures.
  • AYD supports workplace rights that make gender identity and sexual orientation a protected class; implementing paid family leave policies; eliminating pre-employment bias (ban the box); and #MeToo work.
  • AYD advocates for criminal justice reform through eliminating minimum sentencing, promoting trade skills in prisons and raising the felony larceny threshold.  
Commerce, Labor, Technology, and Finance
  • AYD supports net neutrality to ensure fair and equal access to broadband internet for information sharing, commerce and innovation.  
  • AYD believes in policies that prohibit entities from preying on consumers.
  • AYD encourages defining standards for a living wage and common benefits.
  • AYD advocates for legislation that ensures fair employment practices, including, but not limited to, a prohibition of sexual-orientation based discrimination and equal pay for equal work.
Health, Education and Environment
  • AYD advocates for improving student outcomes in K12 education by empowering students to play an active role in their education and improving recruitment, training and compensation for teachers.
  • AYD advocates for ensuring higher education is affordable and accessible to all Virginians through loan forgiveness and reasonable in state tuition.
  • AYD supports accessible, affordable, comprehensive healthcare that includes mental health services, medically accurate and evidence-based sexual education in public schools, Medicaid expansion and gun violence prevention.
  • AYD encourages reducing investment in non-renewable energy sources while incentivizing the proliferation of renewable sources of energy and protecting public lands.
Immigration and Law
  • AYD recognizes the United States of America as a diverse nation of immigrants and indigenous peoples.
  • AYD encourages policies that build safe and economically inclusive communities grounded in equality, justice and human rights.
  • AYD supports a path to citizenship for all Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protection Status (TPS) recipients.
  • AYD advocates for comprehensive and humane criminal justice reform, including juvenile justice and addressing the school-to-prison pipeline.
Infrastructure and Development
  • AYD supports the improvement of rail infrastructure to enhance regional development that promotes access and sustainability with connectivity to multi-modal transit options.
  • AYD advocates for the enhancement of WMATA and its services in Arlington County by granting Arlington a vote on the WMATA Board, the construction and operation of a second, separate station at Rosslyn for the Blue Line, dedicated funding for WMATA, increasing direct, one seat bus access to Washington, DC and the better integration of other and new modes of transit into the existing system.
  • AYD believes that all Arlingtonians should have access to income appropriate housing through a diversity of housing options, specifically the missing middle.
  • AYD urges the transition of energy infrastructure to sustainable sources and promotion of planning surrounding utilities as they relate to water, sewer, fiber, electric and more.
  • AYD encourages the preservation and increase in green space and the deregulation of dog parks.
Veterans’ and Foreign Affairs
  • AYD supports legislation to fund research into alternative medical care for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other wartime injuries, including, but not limited to, medical marijuana and arts therapy.  
  • AYD encourages local veterans’ affairs community groups to partner with Arlington County in promoting an expedited transition period from military to civilian status.
  • AYD advocates for bringing international cultural programs to Arlington County in order to strengthen intercultural ties.  
  • AYD believes in American leadership in multilateral organizations, an emphasis on soft power and a fully funded and staffed State Department.
  • AYD strives for a modernized and broadened GI Bill.
  • AYD supports veterans running for public office at all levels.