Resolution Calling on More Financial Investment in Early Political Careers

Submitted by the Arlington Young Democrats

WHEREAS providing financial support for young progressives seeking a political career will bolster the progressive movement and build a talent pool for future local/state/federal administrations.WHEREAS the Democratic campaign arms all have unpaid internships.

WHEREAS according to a 2017 study by the bipartisan, non-profit  organization Pay Our Interns, just 32% of Senate Democrats and 3.6% of House Democrats offer paid internships compared to 51% and 8% of Senate and House Republicans, respectively.

WHEREAS, of Arlington’s Congressional representatives, there is a lack of paid internships compared to internships available.

WHEREAS on June 14, 2018, the Senate Appropriations Committee, in a promising bipartisan vote, approved a $5 million fund for all Senators to offer paid internships.

WHEREAS liberal organizations and think-tanks form the backbone of the progressive movement by providing resources, experience, and dedicated advocates for progressive/liberal ideas.

WHEREAS conservative groups are outspending liberal groups by a 3-1 margin in “millennial” outreach.

Therefore, BE IT RESOLVED, that –

  1. The Arlington Young Democrats call on our Virginia Democratic Senators to begin offering paid internships as soon as possible while utilizing the internship appropriation in FY19 to set the example for other Democratic lawmakers.
  2. The Arlington Young Democrats call on Democratic elected officials in Virginia and Democratic candidates for office in Virginia to offer paid internships and/or other paid positions in their campaigns as soon as possible, as to strengthen the long-term Democratic momentum in Virginia politics.
  3. The Arlington Young Democrats call on the Democratic Party (DCCC, DLCC, etc.) to begin offering paid internships immediately to build a talent-base for future campaigns.
  4. The Arlington Young Democrats call on all liberal/progressive donors to begin paying interns and offer more entry-level positions in their advocacy organizations, and to encourage all Democratic Party organizations to do the same.

Call to Action:

The Arlington Young Democrats call on members and allies to continue dialogue and insist the individuals and organizations noted above should provide paid internships; actions include sending emails, letters, phone calls, the use of social media, and direct questioning when provided with the opportunity.