Resolution Favoring the Reinstatement of Net Neutrality

Submitted by the Arlington Young Democrats

WHEREAS The internet was created to be a means to freely and openly distribute ideas and technologies;

WHEREAS Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should be mandated to treat all data equally;

WHEREAS Without Net Neutrality, ISPs can throttle internet connections, discriminate against certain types of data, and extort internet companies for faster access to consumers;

WHEREAS the Arlington Young Democrats have long supported Net Neutrality and publically encouraged Virginia elected officials in February 2015 to use their influence to encourage the FCC to classify ISPs under Title II of the Communications Act;

WHEREAS In 2015 the FCC re-classified broadband providers as common carriers under Title II, thereby allowing the FCC to enforce Net Neutrality rules on ISPs;

WHEREAS In December 2017, the FCC under new chairman Ajit Pai voted to dismantle the 2015 rules, thereby again allowing the nation’s largest cable and phone companies to throttle, block, and discriminate internet services.  

Resolved, That –

  1. The Arlington Young Democrats continue to support the right of every American to have access to affordable, high speed internet services.
  2. The Arlington Young Democrats continue to support the classification of internet service providers as common carriers under Title II.
  3. The Arlington Young Democrats urge Speaker Paul Ryan to bring to vote a resolution on the recently repealed Net Neutrality rules under the Congressional Review Act.  
  4. The Arlington Young Democrats urge all local and state representatives to take all action at their disposal, such as requiring Net Neutrality as a condition of franchise agreements.

Call to Action:

The Arlington Young Democrats urge local supporters and chapters to bring this attention to local, state, and federal representatives, put pressure on Congress to find a bipartisan legislative solution to enshrine Net Neutrality into law, and take all necessary steps to advance a Net Neutrality agenda within the Democratic party.